Innovative Energy Systems

Product info for Battery Management DC Applications

Markets: Applications (Battery voltage 6 - 120V DC)
Maritime sectors for example boats/ships/yachts Navigation - communication - radio equipment - mobile telephone - HiFi system - on board computer continuous supply of electric (DC) power; charging batteries
Automotive, mobility
revalidation market
electric wheelchairs & scootmobils - Police/ambulance/firebrigade - (Boat)trailer - truck / bus - mobile homes - market carriage- special- / service cars - campervans - Auxiliary vehicle - demonstration truck - DTM/Rally cars
Internal Transport Fork (lift) truck - electric vehicles - Vehicle with two power sources build in like: police cars, ambulances military
Industry Vehicles, vessels, yachts, air planes and emergency power generators with more than one battery on "board"
Telecommunication Reliable and constant power supply, equipment has a stable power supply with the right voltage
Autonomous PV-Solar systems Power Solutions for off-grid, autonomous energy (DC) supply
Back-up power/energy systems Back Up Power (DC/DC), emergency equipment